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Mineral springs

There are several mineral springs in Central Macedonia and their water has been used as a treatment for many ailments since antiquity.
Lagada Baths are located at a distance of 19km to the northeast of Thessaloniki, adjacent to the city of Lagadas, near the homonymous lake and operate as an organized mineral spring ever since antiquity. They are suitable for rheumatism and gynecological ailments. Today the spa of Lagada developed on the site of the byzantine installations includes of private and public baths, hydromassage, sandbaths, a physiotherapy center and an infirmary.
Thermi Baths are located 20km. to the east of Thessaloniki in a densely planted five hundred stremma area. Their acid salt waters are suitable for rheumatisms, ailments of the vascular system etc. Of special archaeological interest are the installations of three domed baths of exquisite aesthetic with tiled roofs, marble parts and also the six outdoors marble private baths.
Pozar (Loutraki) is located in the Prefecture of Pella and on the foothills of Mt. Kaimaktsalan, at a distance of 110km from Thessaloniki. The installations are built on the banks of a thermal river crossing the area. The mineral, hot waters with a stable temperature of 37oC, have been flowing from the mountains for thousands of years now and have fashioned a most impressive mountain and forest landscape. The visitors travel to Pozar from everywhere in Greece either to benefit from the qualities of the mineral waters (curative – relaxative) or to explore the magnificent mountains and their caves, or both. The installations of the whole complex are organized offering every possible amenity to the bathers. 
27km to the east of Thessaloniki is Souroti with its homonymous carbonated natural mineral water, known since antiquity for its unique beneficial qualities, which is also available bottled.
The mountainous village Doumpia is 62km. away from Thessaloniki and home to one of the most important sources of carbonated mineral water in Greece. The uniqueness of the water of Doumpia rests from its high concentration in magnesium and calcium, making it very beneficial for the human body.
Known since ancient times on the bank of lake Volvi are the springs of Nea Apollonia, whose water, due to its high temperature and high concentration of free hydrogen sulfide has many curative applications (mainly for rheumatisms and arthritic ailments, skin diseases etc.). The water can also be used for therapies with potable mineral water to treat ailments of the stomach, the bowels and the liver.
31km. away from Thessaloniki in the Kilkis Regional Authority, we find Pikrolimni with its organized mud clinic suitable for rheumatic ailments.






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