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Wine Roads

Discover the Wine Roads in Northern Greece.

Wine Route in Thessaloniki
The Pella-Goumenissa Wine Route
Wine Route in Naousa
Wine Route of the Olympian Gods
Wine Route in Halkidiki
Dionysus’ Wine Route

Travel along some of the most renowned Greek vineyards. Stop at celebrated wineries and sample your favorite wines where they are produced. Seek the traditional products and the cuisine each region has to offer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover how the aromas and tastes seem to be attuned to the locale, in ways that you could have hardly imagined before you left the city behind. Enjoy the beauties as nature unfolds them all around you, but also come to know the works of man, worthy of the glamour that surrounds them: archaeological sites, churches and monasteries, museums, buildings of folklore or cultural interest. Wineries open to visitors, restaurants and taverns, hotels and inns, shops stocked with local traditional products and sites offering alternative recreational activities, across Northern Greece await you to visit them.
Plan your itinerary and be prepared for unique experiences!

On the wine route in Thessaloniki, visitors shall pass Kalochori and the Delta of river Axios with its noteworthy wetland habitat and will either travel to the north, to Lagadas and the mountainous settlement of Ossa, or to the east, to Askos and the lakes Koroneia and Volvi until they reach the Strymonian Gulf. Closer to Thessaloniki the route shall lead to the seaside resorts of Perea, Agia Triada and Nea Michaniona and will end in Epanopi, the cape at the eastern end of Thermaic Gulf.
Visitors may enjoy guided tours of the following wineries in the area: Gerovasileiou Estate in Epanomi, Babatzimopoulos Estate in Ossa, Lagadas, Arvanitidis Winery in Askos, Sohos and Kechri Winery in Kalochori.
The Pella-Goumenissa Wine Route geographically belongs to the Kilkis and Pella Regional Authorities and includes the vinicultural regions of Goumenissa and Giannitsa. The wineries located along the route and participating in the Wine Roads are those of Christos Aidarinis, Boutaris S.A., the Tatsi family and that of Vangelis Chatzivarytis in Goumenissa in the Prefecture of Kilkis and of Thomas Ligas in Giannitsa in the Prefecture of Pella..

The Wine Route in Naoussa will take you on a trip in what is probably the most renowned enological area in Northern Greece. The prime red grape variety of Northern Greece, Xinomavro, is grown here and there is a significant number of wineries open to visitors. Travelers in the area can visit the wineries located along the Wind Road of Naousa: Boutaris in Stenimachos, Fountis Estate in Nea Strantza, Kyr-Giannis in Giannakochori, Argiatia in Rodochori and Vaeni, Naousa in Episkopi.
The valley of Tempi constitutes the natural southernmost end of the Roads of Wine in Northern Greece and it is here that the route of the Olympian Gods begins, stopping the winery of E. TSANTALIS S.A. in Paspani, Katsaros Estate in Krania and Dougou Winery in Itea, Tempi.
The Wine Route in Halkidiki commences at Agios Pavlos on the peninsula of Halkidiki and at the winery of company Tsantalis and will then take you to Porto Carras and Porto Carras Estate in Sithonia. You will then visit mountainous Halkidiki and Arnea, the location of Claudia Papagianni Estate, while the route concludes in Holy Mountain of Athos, at Chromitsa and Mylopotamos winery.
The final route on the Wine Roads of Northern Greece commences at Kokkinochori, located on Mountain Paggeo, the centre of Dionysian worship in antiquity, where the visitor can enjoy a guided tour of Vivlia Chora Estate. The route then passes from the city of Kavala and its famous Byzantine Castle, the walls and the impressive Aqueduct and continues with direction to the city of Drama, passing Mircochori, where one can visit the Techni Oinou Estate. Ascending towards Mountain Falakro, you will reach Kokkinogeia at the Municipality of Prosotsani and take a guided tour of Pavlidis Estate. From there and moving to Thrace the visitor will initially come across the beautiful city of Xanthi and then descent towards the Thracian Sea and reach Avdira, where one can visit Vourboukelis Estate.






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