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Blue Flag Beaches

In the summer combine your stay in Thessaloniki with a cooling bath at the nearby beaches, in Perea, Neoi Epivates, Agia Triada, Nea Michaniona, Angelochori and Epanomi, all located on Thermaic Gulf, and Asprovalta, Vrasna and Stavros, at the other end of the Thessaloniki Regional Authority, on the Strymonian Gulf, where you will find crystal clear sea, beaches with no waste or polluting installations and where you can also enjoy your favorite summer sports and activities.
The “Blue Flag” is an international quality sign, perhaps the most known environmental sign in the world and it is awarded to those beaches and marinas which fulfill all 33 of its criteria, which do not only refer to the desired quality of the swimming water but also the cleanliness, organization, information and safety of swimmers and the protection of the environment, the beach and the coastal area. Thirteen organized beaches have been awarded a “Blue Flag” in the Thessaloniki Regional Authority for 2020. Perea, Neoi Epivates, Agia Triada, Michaniona and Potamos are all located in the Municipality of Thermaikos at a distance of just 20 km. away from Thessaloniki and are connected with scheduled and regular civil transportation directly from the centre of the city. The number of sea-related activities as well as the operation, throughout the year, of a number of modern hotels, render this area a significant hub for tourist development. For slightly more distant getaways you may wish to try the resorts on the Strymonian Gulf, the accolades winning beaches in Asprovalta, Vrasna, Nea Vrasna, Serraiki, Porto Fino and the three beaches in Stavros, the central, eastern and western. The resort of Asprovalta extends along a splendid beach with a length of around ten kilometers and with modern hotel installations, beach volley courts and offers several water sports. The organized beaches in Vrasna, Nea Vrasna and Serraiki, with a total length exceeding seven kilometers, offer crystal clear waters with thin sand, hotels, restaurants and bars right next to the breaking of the wave. In the beaches in Stavros you will enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters and eating at the traditional taverns serving fresh fish and sea food.






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