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Conferences & Fairs

TIF-HELEXPO S.A. is the national exhibition body in Greece. It is the largest organizer of exhibitions, conferences and cultural events in Southeastern Europe and its headquarters are in Thessaloniki. TIF-HELEXPO S.A. is the exclusive user of the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki which is developed over a 180,000 square meter area in the center of the city and includes conference centers I. VELLIDIS and N. GERMANOS. It is also the exclusive proprietor of the trademarks of all sector fairs. The International Fair of Thessaloniki is a general fair with a global scope, organized by TIF-HELEXPO S.A. every September and one of the most successful and longest running exhibition events. The 1st TIF was organized in 1926 and today it has evolved into the most significant economic and political event in Greece and the greater Southeastern Europe vicinity. The calendar of fairs organized by TIF-HELEXPO S.A. includes some 20 international sector fairs which run on an annual or biannual basis and all of which are constantly growing attracting more trade visitors from the countries of the new markets. TIF-HELEXPO S.A., either as part of its sector fairs or independently also organizes national, regional or international conferences and meetings. Its activities in the field of the organization of conferences include some of the biggest conferences organized in Northern Greece with the most important one being the World Meeting of Hellenes Abroad. Furthermore, TIF-HELEXPO rents its installations and renders its services to bodies and institutions for the organization of fairs and conferences, while it complements its fairs with various cultural activities which run in parallel, their pinnacle being those which run during the International Fair of Thessaloniki. Thousands of exhibitors from all around Greece and dozens of other nations, from across all continents participate in the fairs organized by TIF-HELEXPO S.A., while its installations are visited by more than 2,000,000 people on an annual basis. The international trade luster and effectiveness of TIF-HELEXPO is rendered a competitive advantage in the historically and geographically unified economic space of the Balkans, the Black Sea and East Mediterranean. The most important of the sector specific fairs organized by TIF-HELEXPO S.A. are cited bellow:
  • AGROTICA  International Fair for Agricultural Machinery/Equipment/Supplies.
  • ARTOZYMA International Exhibition of Bakery/Confectionary.
  • BIOLOGICA Exhibition of Organic Products
  • DEFENSYS International Defense and Security Fair
  • DETROP International Foods/Drinks/Machinery/Equipment Fair.
  • ENERGYTECH International Exhibition of Heating/Cooling/Air Conditioning/ Conventional and Renewable Energy Sources.
  • FURNIDEC International Exhibition of Furniture.
  • FURNIDECBUSINESS Professional International Exhibition of Furniture.
  • HOTELIA International Hotel Equipment Exhibition.
  • INFACOMA International Exhibition of Construction Materials, Insulation, Door and Window Frames, Sanitary Ware, Preconstruction and Technology.
  • INFOSYSTEM International Information Systems/Telecommunications and Digital Technology Fair.
  • KOSMIMA International Exhibition for Jewelry/Clocks and Watches/Precious Stones/Machinery and Equipment.
  • MARMINSTONE International Fair for Marble/Stones/Minerals/Marble Constructions/Machinery and Equipment. 
  • OENOS International Wine Fair.
  • PHILOXENIA International Tourism Exhibition.
  • SUMMERHOLIDAYSEXPO International Summer Holidays Exhibition.
  • THESSALONIKIBOOKFAIR International Book Fair.
  • ZOOTECHNIA International Fair for Livestock and Poultry.

Thessaloniki’s excellent hotel infrastructure, HELEXPO’s installations but also other regional centers across the Prefecture offer a great range of conference spaces for large or smaller meetings, up to 2,700 participants. In the heart of Thessaloniki and inside the installations operated by HELEXPO we find the International Conference Centers IOANNIS VELLIDIS and NIKOLAOS GERMANOS. IOANNIS VELIDIS center comprises of five halls, with a capacity of 40 to 2100 seats. It is designed to host all kinds of major events (conferences, receptions, seminars etc) and offers all amenities one would expect from a center of such magnitude. The second conference center in HELEXPO, NIKOLAOS GERMANOS comprises of four halls with a total capacity of 720. Modern audiovisual installations, projectors, microphone installations and spacious interpretation booths for eight simultaneous languages ensure the smooth running of any event. It also includes of a reception for conventioneers, offices for the event’s organizers, VIP hall, Press Center, restaurant and reception area. Furthermore, Thessaloniki Concert Hall offers a hall with a capacity of 1400 seats, Lazaristes’ Monastery includes of a 700 seat hall, offering a full range of modern amenities, while there are several halls in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, such as the Ceremony Hall, with a capacity of 800, the Constantopoulos hall, which seats 100, the central hall of the School of Philosophy, with a capacity of 400. The Telloglio Institute offers a hall with a capacity of 200 and the University of Macedonia has a hall which may seat 500. Other halls suitable for conferences and meetings can be found at the Cultural Center of Piraeus Bank, the Conference Center – Deposit at Thessaloniki’s Port (PThA). Most of these sites are offered for hosting scientific conferences and indeed some are totally specialized, such as the Scholarly Studies Foundation at Vlatades Monastery, which hosts conferences of theological or historical interest.







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